Lets Shoot Gun Club LLC


Gaining a membership in LSGC can be accomplished by application. In addition, you will be joining the NRA and this membership is mandatory. The Membership fee is $100 per year and all memberships expire January 1 of the current year. Those joining LSGC later in the year will pay a pro rata cost beginning in June.

The club holds a business meeting on the first Saturday of every month, at 8:30 AM. If you attend at least seven of the twelve meetings per year, you will earn a $25 discount on your membership renewal. You must maintain a current membership in the NRA to renew your LSGC membership.

Members will be required to submit to LSGC, a complete membership form. In order to qualify, you must submit one or more signatures from current LSGC members in good standing, as character references. New members will be interviewed during each business meeting as available and be approved or disapproved by existing membership. Membership requirements are to consistent with federal requirements to purchase a firearm. They include, but are not solely limited by:

    No felony background
    Not currently charged with a Class ‘A’ or ‘B’ misdemeanor
    Must be a NRA member (membership application available through LSGC)
    Not adjudicated as a participant in any domestic violence
    Vouched for by at least two ( 2 ) existing members
    Approved by majority of membership
    Not adjudicated with any mental problems
    No history of any activity which would create disturbance in a family setting where women and children are present

EVERY member will be required to take a NRA basic handgun course, which includes classroom and a practical evaluation of basic handgun usage, cleaning, and range safety with “live” fire. The completed practical and written materials will be kept on file at LSGC. During the classroom, each member will have the opportunity to become a NRA member, update their membership or modify as they desire, if they are not already part of the NRA family. This will also be an orientation period for range usage, safety guidelines, and operation procedures.

Lets Shoot Gun Club LLC